How the Doggie and the Pussycat did an art exhibition.

The exhibition of the work of Josef Čapek in Jízdárna, Prague Castle is big. Probably the biggest of this phenomenal modern czech painter/writer. And one of the most important exhibition in Czech Republic in 2009/2010 indeed.

But to enjoy it might be a bit tricky, not because of its dimensions (Bauhaus or Corbusier in Berlin were way bigger and it was quite easy to keep my eyes open and focused) but because of the treatment of the exhibition.

First: The substance.
Exploration of the individual boxes of the exhibitions space dedicated always to one specific topic of Čapek’s work and introduced by authors own citation confused me quite often by shown pieces visibly from a different area of his work. I bet there was a strong reason why the curator put these works together, but without explanation you have to be the curator, an experienced art scientist, an oracle or Čapek himself to understand the hidden substance of the ordering of these pictures. The submission of some paintings, roughs, drawings and pictures documenting the artist’s groping and immaturity or his romantic tendency to lend his talent to cheap politic proclamations is questionable but in the end of the day – it is a biographic union exhibition, so there is no rule that everything shown has to elevate the spirit of the visitor to new artistic heights. The quantity vs. the quality problem seems to me as the strongest output of the exhibition and the curators desired outcome quite unclear (besides the idea of making it big).

Second: The form.
The exhibition closes at 6PM, not very friendly to contemporary lifestyle but acceptable. We came to Jízdárna at 5PM having an hour (not much) to go through the whole exhibition. But at 5.40 a commando of Makropulos bitches started an ambush trying to kick us off the gallery. Instead of diving into Čapeks art, we spent last 20 minutes by arguing, loosing a fifth of our actual time with people which should help visitors to enjoy the exhibition, in an open fight. Instead of a spiritual renewal my soul was attacked by atavistic rage and anger and I felt like shit for the rest of the day. Partly because I was shouting loud at old ladies, partly I was beaten by old badly mannered whores. And instead of the work of Josef Čapek the topic for the evening was: When all these communist zombies will finally die and their poisoned brains will turn into dust? When even the state galleries will understand that they are not jails for art sometimes having “an open door” policy (when they want to), but they are a public service and they should serve not only with perfection but with selected manners corresponding with their line of business? Thanx God we have DOX, Rudolfinum gallery and steadily growing amount of others.

By the way, you can support the DOX gallery by becoming “a friend” and having a free entrance for you and your friend for the whole year that way. I bought one of these for my friend as a Christmas present, but mind that it’s never too late to donate.

Josef Čapek, selfportrait

2 Responses to “How the Doggie and the Pussycat did an art exhibition.”

  1. 1 marcel March 28, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    jedinej odznáček ,kterej mám připíchlej na klopě bundy je z týhle výstavy apropo neblogovat jsi nevydržel,koukám 🙂

  2. 2 marcel March 28, 2010 at 8:54 pm

    tady jsou ty emotikony extra hnusný

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