More than you always wanted to know about sex and life and you didn’t want to ask.

It’s quite delayed as this is the last year’s book but it would be a big shame not to mention it. The best I read recently. The only one i finished. The Death of Bunny Munro (Smrt Zajdy Munroa) by Nick Cave. As much as he didn’t fulfill my expectations as a musician in The Road, as a writer he describes a kind-of-similar journey of Mr. Munro with ease and total inspiration. The epic and nihilistic story of an idiot and his descendant and his last days, the lovely son, damned coworkers, desperate housewives and other creatures brilliantly told by a master of dirty stories and crystal clear wording himself. You will laugh how bad, filthy and nasty Munro’s world is. You’ll be amazed how true and real it feels even though you don’t want to admit any similarity with your own life. And you’ll be confused with your feelings towards the main character. Munro was the biggest damned loser and criminal and a normal man just losing his track at the same time to me. Strong story, great characters, perfect vocabulary and disarming frankness of the author is not everything but this is the beef which makes the book so great.

There is something more treasured just for the readers of Czech edition. Amazing translation by Michala Marková is just a pleasure to swallow. It’s so rare to read a translation and enjoy the full beauty of your own language in a complete contemporary way without having a feeling that the translator is basically out and trying to hit the right targets by using words somebody told him they are cool but he actually never used them. Marková works with the vocabulary of contemporary Czech with an unbelievable fit combining the cool storyteller language with the hard slag of the street. Cave, the publisher and readers should thank to Marková for such a great job. The fact that it was translated by a woman is, without indicating anything chauvinistic, alarming and made me blush sometimes – do really women know so much about us, filthy men?

I definitely shouldn’t forget the outstanding cover art by Kateřina Bažantová aka Ktaiwanita. And the bronze shining hard cover and binding under the jacket is the final touch which makes this book a perfect Argo publication from the beginning to the end.

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