How people in London’s ad agencies come with the best ideas for Dublin consumers?

Working on regional alcoholic product from Ostrava right now, I am trying to capture the spirit of the region distant more than 400 km hidden in lowlands between mountains with mentality so far away from capitol city metrosexualism and mid-class success stories, that it seems to be almost impossible to hit the right target without being there and sitting at least in a apartment in Brioni hotel.

I love the city and I like the region. I spent some of my unforgettable moments there. It’s special and, sorry, in a good way in contrast to Brno (no, you are not all the same there). For it’s mystery and darkness and for people’s straightforwardness and honesty. The real gogetters are sons of miners (like Tom Jones). But how I could for gods sake flip it into a working and believable message?

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