I see you, Mr. Cameron.

Avatar is out of range, beyond the categories full-visual entertainment which really can entertain and fascinate, but with so stupid screenplay that it seems to be computer-generated, or worse, cut and paste from the worst templates of Hollywood all-time B-classics. It’s a gaming-console-ready story and gradation through the levels is obvious. Marketing of collectable merchandise items is not hidden but even further, almost promoted (frankly, who, being child, would resist to have the whole collection of dragons, the entire tribe and/or all the species growing, hunting, flying and hiding in the deep jungle of the planet Pandora). Respect to film-making skills of Mr. Cameron, respect to the environmental theme-copy of the movie and to the visual approach balancing on the edge of kitsch (in my opinion falling a bit off the edge). The theme of Pandora, being one organism, having all the elements of nature connected with the mother planet and creatures communicating through interlacing their teleneurons, is something I find as a big idea for a cross-generation movie saga, not necessarily original or discovering, but very supporting. But, all these cultural and environmental details are described with a perfection of films with Lara Croft: “Hey, the Aztecs! They were strange and very mysterious and they, God knows why, ain’t living anymore.” Similar impression you’ve got from Cameron’s projection of Pandora. It is amazing as well as it is flat and shallow.

Straight talking, with a matter like this you can do a lot more than a stunning 3D shit. Or maybe you can’t, counting the budget and the mass-taste. The math in this movie is done excellent, the chance to create a masterpiece wasn’t probably even in discussion. The aftermath will be for sure generous. But in my ears something repeats itself like a raven: film industry, film industry. With “film” being whispered a bit uncertainly as it remains just one small piece of an overall idea how to make loads of money. Nothing against it – back to my first line of this review.

The good news: The trailer is much worse than the actual film and it is easily viewable even for Dungeons & Dragons exorcists. Worth watching it if you don’t want to be aside from debates for next couple of weeks.

P.S. The czech dubbing didn’t help, of course.

The pictures bellow are partly from the movie, partly pre-releases from the video game.

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