Up In The Air is falling down straight to hell, boys.

“Up in the air” is shit. Pure shit, there is nothing to excuse such a silly film like this. “Thank you for smoking” was a very good profession-insightful american movie with a strong entertainment factor, good script and right amount of cheap jokes, “Juno” is simply brilliant and fresh, but the third film of young Jason Reitman tries to build on success of the first one and fails completely. The all-american bullshit, economic crisis, real love, shallow feelings, bad people, good people, sad people, businessmen, success, family, big cities, small towns, classic values, life changes and new hope. There is a lot of talking about Mr. Clooney magical smile in the film. One thing’s for sure. It ain’t save a lame government-ordered tribute to all people looking for a new hope, new opportunities, being sacked out of their jobs in todays America. It doesn’t work, at least not for me.

For people who already saw the film: “Imagine carrying a back-pack and you have all your favorite movies in it. It’s so heavy you can’t walk. What will you throw away the first?”

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