Sketch 1

I like sketches and drawings, usually more than paintings. They capture the moment rather than some conception and, for me, they are easier to read. Last week’s visit of Frida Khalo exhibition reassured me in some ways. Sketches are usually uglier and they don’t bear philosophical messages like some paintings, so they are raw but honest, I looked into my iTunes library to make some space on my HD and I realized that I made dozens of musical sketches and compared to just two long-plays they can tell a bit more about me and what I am doing or I am up to. And here it is, the idea: I will post all these tests, demos, ideas and sound bits. As some people do with pictures, drawings or photos, my main communication tool is music and it ever was.

Here is the first one, it came out from doodling in a van yesterday and I put some more tracks today morning. It’s called “Rock With Me” and das ganze Lied ist zu Greta von Parkhaus geschenkt. Made on Logic instruments, Moog Little Phatty and TAL Bassline synth.

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