Film Spa, part 3.

Today, some of the most controversial hits of the 45. IFF KV. Plus trailers in this and previous posts.

Mr. Nobody

For sure one of the most talked-about film of the festival, very controversial, very big. At the beginning I should admit that despite I HATE the movie, there are qualities and some conceptions that really catch me in the first let’s say 30-40 minutes. As the trailer shows, inside of the overinflated story of Mr. Nobody, probably the most opulent European film ever made, there was a place for couple of fantasque and dummies-friendly philosophical ideas. The freedom of choice, the duty of choice, dreams, value of life, immortality. The whole film takes 155 minutes and almost the same number of parallel story lines being told forward and in reverse. It could be a huge film achievement quite easily apart from the fact that it isn’t, in my very honest opinion. In reality you can judge the film either as a brilliant cinematographer’s showreel with an ability to win any advertising pitch for a great looking commercial or as an uncontrolled bullshit being drawn back by self-admiration and twittle-twattle muse. Imagine Gondry-esque plot and storytelling plus enormous loads of money, brilliant ads-like cinematography, stunning CGI, breathtaking postproduction, even more narcissism than you saw in La Science des reves (y’know Gondry is French, but Jaco Van Dormael is Belgian) minus talent. People love it. And I say, yes, go and watch it and make your own opinion.


Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Simple, stupid and brilliant. This parody on camping-students horrors like Friday 13th is pure entertainment with the script being written tightly, with no logical gaps. The cast, the camera, the dialogues, the SFX (blood, body parts), the grading – everything is right. Plus the twist which makes this parody a little outstanding: it’s not these creepy local rednecks, be aware of the students – they are the pure evil. It is what it is and as it is it’s RECOMMENDED.


A Serious Man

I don’t want to talk too much about this one because this one isn’t easy. It’s an entertaining bitter and black comedy from the masters of the genre: Coen bros. I’ve been dragged into the story of “Larry Gopnik, a Midwestern professor who watches his life unravel through multiple sudden incidents” ( and I liked it despite the tempo is not fast and not even steady. If you don’t get the connection of the overture and the film itself, you will be disappointed, or left a bit unsatisfied in the end. Now, after few weeks, when I already know that a damnation is the name of the game, the picture of the whole film in my brain is brighter and I see the story clearly as superb as fatal. In my defense I must say I knew right after the screening that I should give it some time and it paid off. One of my favorite Coens movies.


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