Good job indeed.

Last night we were watching The Bank Job, a true story based 2008 crime drama by Roger Donaldson, coincidentally with the last British news just running into press in the same time.

Yes, British imperium as well as the American, has a lot to hide and must play a higher games than we, mortals, do play everyday. We do the little lies, they do the important ones. In contrast to actual “oil justice” case, which injects literally oil into blood of every honest citizen and Lockerbie survivors especially and puts UK government and secret services into a public doubt, The Bank Job describes with a slightly romantic license a forty years old unbelievable story of a bank robbery on behalf of preservation of royal family credit and national security.

It tells a story which in the end of the day is, lets say, slightly uplifting having in mind what’s going on in todays world. Starts as a traditional robbery story, with couple of losers in need having a chance for a change, but reasons and results are quickly multiplied and in less than two hours climax into justifying scenery where the British old-time Robin Hood complex is totally fulfilled raising questions about guilt of “small” criminals in comparison to “big” criminals. The happy ending (omitting several main characters’ death) and breathtaking robbery-story describes a job booked through beautiful Martine by MI-5 or 6 to get rid of couple of nude/porn pictures of the british princess allowing wiping out one black activist, a serious danger, being a pimp and pusher in the same time. Corruption everywhere and against it stands a bunch of little swindlers with Terry in front having stronger fundamentals that the holy kingdom. Superb casting, beautiful cars, stylish outfits, the real british criminal feel. Quality evening entertainment with a little bit of “lateral after-thinking” if you wish.

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