Where I have been?

In Indonesia spotting vulcanos on every island and Adolf Hitler T-shirts on every teenager. Different (der Führer) and beautiful (vulcanos).

Working with Niceland and Amak. Gut. Nicesongs. Hunting for an edge on a pop record. Will spend more time at home now when I have the record on a disc. It is an inspiring work for me to try to fit into something already invented and composed. It forces me to be gentle and cooperative – uncommon qualities for Destroyer. I am really curious what Kay will do on the record.

Technically speaking, Logic 9 and Mac OS Snow Leopard is a brill update. The biggest Wow in last few weeks belongs to this DAW of my choice. Amps, stomps and great update to MainStage. Loop machine, backing tracks, virtual mixing desks make my MOTU Traveler, guitar and MidAir keys finally a potentially ultimate live setup for any imaginable occasion.

The Logic Amp designer:

and the Pedalboard:

I didn’t have a much time to test it properly yet but sounds I tested easily competed with Guitar Rig 3 and the routing and controls seem to be Apple-easy and more user friendly than the German amp boutique. Nevertheless, the native Logic guitar tools are new, good and simple looking, seem-to-be-good sounding and way more my laptop screen friendly than anything else I have been using and it is now my tools to go when I need lay down a quick guitar track or humanize a totally chemical sounding clip. But, to be exact, a serious guitar or almost any recording work should be still left to outboard, real air and real pressure.

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