Resistance and action.

I resist. My life is a golden path through a mine field constantly under fire. Off to mountains with Mejla and my children for couple of days, then couple of meetings and presentation on Tuesday and in the evening Louskáček ad awards ceremony and back to process for two days: sound postproduction, treatments, another presentation, then back to mountains again, this time with Luk and Venie and my children, then back to process for two more weeks maybe shooting, treatments, presentations, meetings and then finally departure to Indonesia in the moment Mods are the most demanded in last year and a half. Combining life with reality is sometimes like giving a birth through a keyhole. But I dare. I am known for this.

The first Canon 7D shooting finalised.

The pictures captured for our last commercials with Canon 7D are great. Grading was smooth, way more elastic and detailed than when coloring a video and so the online retouches and final touches. Couple of minor mistakes with focusing had to be repaired but thats ok.

Imagine a cooking show with marmite involved.

Vitana finally broadcasts the first part of Doggie and Pussycat cooking show, a branded entertainment project for their product Masox. You can watch it here at They will also have in couple of hours a facebook profile so you can become a fan. And Doggie also started his own blog with an inside story and some intellectual thoughts of this allmighty cook. The man behind all these online activities is Lukáš Tucznak Franz from Outbreak.

Get recorded.

The Prostitutes started brand new Radiotron demo sessions this Tuesday. We recorded a song called Get Drunk having couple of beers and not being drunk. We also retouched Mr. Anderson, another song we did couple of months ago already. Guys recorded more than 10 demos during the time I was sitting at home with my dislocated thumb finger and I can now transform these lo-fi recordings into a Logic MIDI grids to prepare a playground for Dušan Neuwerth as he is probably going to be our producer for the upcoming album again.

Some pictures from the session are in the Radiotron album here.

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