I spent last two weeks beeping and buzzing, raving and dancing in my Radiotron studio, working for McSanchez directors on two gummy candies commercials. I can’t say more now. I enjoyed it but I suffered from one of the worst headaches after endless hours of tweaking individual effects. Why? One theme was a pure 8-bit madness inspired by famous sounds of Sinclair ZX Spectrum colliding with Atari 130 XS and Commodore 64. Try to play Supermario loud for two weeks and you’ll see for yourself.
I used mainly two synths, TAL Noise Maker as a soft-synth and Moog Little Phatty as a hard-synth, combined with omnipresent bitcrusher and couple of samples from Roland TR-808.

By the way, here is a demo of TR-808:

And here are the darlings. Something I usually relate to as my personal R2-D2s. I still have my Atari 130 XE somewhere but I lost the tape recorder… And the Logic mighty soft-synths. Not so legendary, but dependable workhorses.

The second theme was an euro-trance-inspired girlie dancefloor vocoder-driven smash hit quite similar to the production of our Austrian and German friends. Entirely done with native Logic 9 instruments like ES 2, EVOC 20 and EXS23 mk II and Ultrabeat for drums. The result will be presented as soon as it will be legal.

Tomorrow I would like to come back to real music and finish recording part of an EP development for The Linings. Vocals. The most important, the most complicated part of recording. We laid down couple of takes last time but after I spent some time on editing and EQing I would like to re-record them again with a different mic and preamp setting. Cross fingers. Then some mixing and mastering using Waves and TL Audio mixing console.

2 Responses to “Headache.”

  1. 1 Stevie LFO October 29, 2010 at 12:08 pm

    I sold my Commodore 64 in early 90’s and then found out it was a big mistake. Was a great comp 🙂

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