Entering the optical/digital heaven.

So, the very first own experience with Canon EOS 7D shooting an ad for a retail store. The picture of very non-photogenic location as a retail store is looks well. The downsides are very clear after first day: clumsy and tricky focusing, “these-old-days-believe-me-I-am-DOP” style of work with no picture monitoring for director nor agency or client and some minor ergonomic disadvantages. The first has to be fixed by excercises, the second means that after every couple of takes you go to your iMac downloading the card and check the results, the last one is just a matter of groove. The advantages are more than clear: superb picture delivered by quality lenses, film-a-like focus depth and operational simplicity. Plus we are able to afford three 7Ds with full-range set of professional lenses.

It’s not “characterful” as 35 mm/16 mm film (mainly for its perfection) but it’s far away from usual digital FX1 world even with the film camera lenses adapter added.

Now, we will shoot the second day outdoors with white snow all around, so in the conditions which would test any digital picture technology. And then lets see the post.

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