My mother wrote me an email saying she would like to buy me “that pickup” I wrote about on my blog as a birthday present, which is undoubtedly great. So, after painful hours of hesitation I decided between L.R. Baggs M1 and L.R. Baggs M1 active. And the winner is M1 passive. I followed KISS strategy – keep it simple stupid – and also the list of endorsees and there choices on Baggs’ web. No preamp in the pickup and no volume control means less electronics and less control on my side, so the sound engineer can do the job while I’m doing nothing. And the sound in reviews is great. I might to try to use it directly in a mixing console or I’ll plug it into my SSL Channel One pre-amp which has been very well reviewed especially for it’s guitar sound capabilities (and sounds really great). Or I will buy another small guitar preamp later. Ordered in Guitarpark it should be already on its way. Thanks, mom!

Yesterday I took my Praktica camera and paid a visit to Foto Škoda, looking for a decent 35 lens as the Oreston 1.8/50 I’ve got is a little bit too tight for many occasions. They didn’t have any 35 but they had 28 for 1400 CZK (I didn’t buy), I bought a nice second hand Pentax strap for 100 CZK (!), their self-made reduction and a new battery replacing the original one, which is impossible to get, for 250 and, trying luck, I knocked on the door of repairs department as the exposition metering didn’t function for years. The guy found the problem in a snap, opened the lens, repaired the aged, broken and corroded contacts and did it for free. My feelings were almost euphoric. I repaired the camera instead of buying a new one, it happened in couple of minutes and it didn’t cost anything. Now I am just looking forward to first pictures taken with a working exposition metering… It should be a huge leap forward, though.

Last but not least, because now comes the entertainment: This week I’ve been asked by Lucie from Czech Original Fashion to take a part in a new Hermes campaign as a model-blogger. You can spot me at IFF KV next week with a Hermes scarf around my neck taking photos of myself. Bohemian bourgeois! Don’t touch me!

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