In the eye of a hurricane.

Unfortunately, most of the time I spend close to the eye, trying to get a rest, not actually reaching it. But. There are some treasured moments like this, when my procrastination leads me towards things like “you should write a new blog post” instead of “Hurry up, finish the music changes client asked for yesterday, write the new treatment for the commercial agency asked to be finished yesterday, prepare for the today’s PPM, make a quick and magical progress on strategy and creative for brands you work on and call finally the director of the film you work on score for and set up meetings for next week!”. Come on! It’s wednesday and I deserve at least 5 minutes to start this post to reassure myself that this blog isn’t dead yet.


So, I work a lot and I made some money for some interesting new purchases to enhance my gear in the studio. TL Audio C 2021 Compressor from Ivory series is a great addition to my front-end as well as a good output “warming” machine.

VOX Pathfinder 10 looks like a toy but sounds like a chihuahua on steroids. I bought it especially for our acoustic tour and home purposes with a big sign “a chinese toy made by Korg bearing a desirable brand of english heritage which looks cool enough to spend 60 Euros”. But the sound of the clean channel is simply fantastic. The overdrive channel sounds simply horrible and unusable. But you can buy a decent overdrive from Danelectro for a price of two packs of Marlboro. I use this combo with my Marshall Echohead digital delay stompbox.

I also bought the iRig, revolutionary solution for playing electric guitar through the amazing AmpliTube on iPhone. Unfortunately, the piece of plastic is rather a disappointment as the contact with the guitar cord produces unwanted cracks and noises. For that money, China can do usually better.

I bought no-name japanese guitar from the beginning of 60′ for 2.500 CZK and I play it with my Fender Twin Deluxe for that uncompromising sound of the beat generation.

The Prostitutes

We did our first unplugged gig this year in Brno, heading another one in Roxy, Prague 21.4. 2011

We recorded live performance in Malostranská Beseda and we aslo shot the video footage. Release of a live album is planned for June.

Pictures from that gig here.

We work on songs for upcoming album to be recorded in Autumn.

We also should record two demo songs for a new czech film about punk movement in 80′, directed by Richard Řeřicha.


We finished T-Mobile commercials yesterday, to be aired from tomorrow. We also did commercials for Direct Insurance, Česká Pojišťovna sponsoring of ice hockey and Fernet. More at our website.


I composed and produced music for Direct and Fernet Z and did a remake, recording (together with Jirka Burian, Blanka Cichon and Karel Havlíček) and production for T-Mobile “Superstar”.

I started to work on score for the film “Poupata”, directed by Zdeněk Jiráský.

Monday, I took part as one of a dozen co-directors of Sparta-Slavia movie shot during one derby football game.

I would like to start a collaboration with Dogs Bodies, in my opinion fabulous czech band. We might record a session in summer.

I moved my office to Náměstí Kinských 7, Praha 5.

The rest was blown away by the wind.

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