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Balls out.

directed by Mods
cinematography by Karel Fairaisl
produced by Kristina Šedivá
production Nikola Böhmová
editor Petr Mrkous
sound Roman Sečkař
sound mix and music Martin Přikryl
balls design and costume concept Kristina Šedivá
balls development DP Image
costumes Lela Geislerová
make up Tereza Patočková & Jana Nováková
casting Kateřina Oujezdská
location scout Ondřej Havlík
grading/Spirit operator Ondřej Štibingr
online/Flame operator Rasťo Šimočko
UPP production Magdalena Halamová
assistant of production/set design Jan Štěpánek
1st AD Lukáš Viznar
special visual post production SFX Tomáš Hájek
storyboard artist Petr Fousek

Special thanx to Simona Halíková at Barrandov Studio – filmové laboratoře, Naďa Marková at Michael Samuelson lighting, Jindřich Čipera at Vantage camera rental, UPP, Honza Trnka and Marek Šulista, Renata Němcová (nadace Krtek)

Very special thanx to actors and balls: Adrian Bell, Luk Santiago, Adam Piaf and Stevie LFO, Martin Pechlát, Jiří Mádl, Eva Leimbergerová, David Máj, DJ Robot, Mejla Kukulský, Lukáš Rumlena, Pavel Homér, Simon Ruffskank, Petr Vaňek, Jana Plodková, Markéta Stehlíková, Juliana Johanidesová, Tomáš Měcháček, Alžběta Přikrylová, Šimon Přikryl, Magdalena Němcová, Ema Kinterová, Matěj Převrátil, Bára Trnková, Karolína Trnková, Viktorka Cabanová, Viktorie Šmeralová, Vanessa Lenková


I spent last two weeks beeping and buzzing, raving and dancing in my Radiotron studio, working for McSanchez directors on two gummy candies commercials. I can’t say more now. I enjoyed it but I suffered from one of the worst headaches after endless hours of tweaking individual effects. Why? One theme was a pure 8-bit madness inspired by famous sounds of Sinclair ZX Spectrum colliding with Atari 130 XS and Commodore 64. Try to play Supermario loud for two weeks and you’ll see for yourself.
I used mainly two synths, TAL Noise Maker as a soft-synth and Moog Little Phatty as a hard-synth, combined with omnipresent bitcrusher and couple of samples from Roland TR-808.

By the way, here is a demo of TR-808:

And here are the darlings. Something I usually relate to as my personal R2-D2s. I still have my Atari 130 XE somewhere but I lost the tape recorder… And the Logic mighty soft-synths. Not so legendary, but dependable workhorses.

The second theme was an euro-trance-inspired girlie dancefloor vocoder-driven smash hit quite similar to the production of our Austrian and German friends. Entirely done with native Logic 9 instruments like ES 2, EVOC 20 and EXS23 mk II and Ultrabeat for drums. The result will be presented as soon as it will be legal.

Tomorrow I would like to come back to real music and finish recording part of an EP development for The Linings. Vocals. The most important, the most complicated part of recording. We laid down couple of takes last time but after I spent some time on editing and EQing I would like to re-record them again with a different mic and preamp setting. Cross fingers. Then some mixing and mastering using Waves and TL Audio mixing console.

Mods on a free-ride.

There is a brand new website of Mods with complete showreel divided into commercials, music videos and miscellaneous stuff called virals & shorts (usually short videos for low budget marketing projects and a couple of festival jingles).

We are now free for booking as we closed our 5-years-lasting exclusive contract with Bistro Films (but keeping the good cooperation still on).

We also finished the balls commercial (a charity commercial against testicles cancer) which I will publicize here on Monday.

Autumn leaves.

The brand new poster for the autumn tour of The Prostitutes. Photo by Jan Trnka, who did the last and personally my most favorite photo-shoot of the band. Graphic design by Lukáš Franz, designer behind most of our posters in last two years and art director of Experimentální prostor Mumie in Ústí nad Labem.

Music updated.

I just updated the Music tab again and added a commercial for Linka bezpečí from 2008 I did the music and SFX for.

And I added the last single from The Prostitutes‘ album Hometown Zombies called Everybody Knows plus the music video link. Hometown Zombies was just recently released in Germany and UK by Pale Music Int.

Music updated.

I just updated the Music tab and added one breakthrough German hit written for a commercial from the past. Enjoy with care.


My mother wrote me an email saying she would like to buy me “that pickup” I wrote about on my blog as a birthday present, which is undoubtedly great. So, after painful hours of hesitation I decided between L.R. Baggs M1 and L.R. Baggs M1 active. And the winner is M1 passive. I followed KISS strategy – keep it simple stupid – and also the list of endorsees and there choices on Baggs’ web. No preamp in the pickup and no volume control means less electronics and less control on my side, so the sound engineer can do the job while I’m doing nothing. And the sound in reviews is great. I might to try to use it directly in a mixing console or I’ll plug it into my SSL Channel One pre-amp which has been very well reviewed especially for it’s guitar sound capabilities (and sounds really great). Or I will buy another small guitar preamp later. Ordered in Guitarpark it should be already on its way. Thanks, mom!

Yesterday I took my Praktica camera and paid a visit to Foto Škoda, looking for a decent 35 lens as the Oreston 1.8/50 I’ve got is a little bit too tight for many occasions. They didn’t have any 35 but they had 28 for 1400 CZK (I didn’t buy), I bought a nice second hand Pentax strap for 100 CZK (!), their self-made reduction and a new battery replacing the original one, which is impossible to get, for 250 and, trying luck, I knocked on the door of repairs department as the exposition metering didn’t function for years. The guy found the problem in a snap, opened the lens, repaired the aged, broken and corroded contacts and did it for free. My feelings were almost euphoric. I repaired the camera instead of buying a new one, it happened in couple of minutes and it didn’t cost anything. Now I am just looking forward to first pictures taken with a working exposition metering… It should be a huge leap forward, though.

Last but not least, because now comes the entertainment: This week I’ve been asked by Lucie from Czech Original Fashion to take a part in a new Hermes campaign as a model-blogger. You can spot me at IFF KV next week with a Hermes scarf around my neck taking photos of myself. Bohemian bourgeois! Don’t touch me!

Resistance and action.

I resist. My life is a golden path through a mine field constantly under fire. Off to mountains with Mejla and my children for couple of days, then couple of meetings and presentation on Tuesday and in the evening Louskáček ad awards ceremony and back to process for two days: sound postproduction, treatments, another presentation, then back to mountains again, this time with Luk and Venie and my children, then back to process for two more weeks maybe shooting, treatments, presentations, meetings and then finally departure to Indonesia in the moment Mods are the most demanded in last year and a half. Combining life with reality is sometimes like giving a birth through a keyhole. But I dare. I am known for this.

The first Canon 7D shooting finalised.

The pictures captured for our last commercials with Canon 7D are great. Grading was smooth, way more elastic and detailed than when coloring a video and so the online retouches and final touches. Couple of minor mistakes with focusing had to be repaired but thats ok.

Imagine a cooking show with marmite involved.

Vitana finally broadcasts the first part of Doggie and Pussycat cooking show, a branded entertainment project for their product Masox. You can watch it here at They will also have in couple of hours a facebook profile so you can become a fan. And Doggie also started his own blog with an inside story and some intellectual thoughts of this allmighty cook. The man behind all these online activities is Lukáš Tucznak Franz from Outbreak.

Get recorded.

The Prostitutes started brand new Radiotron demo sessions this Tuesday. We recorded a song called Get Drunk having couple of beers and not being drunk. We also retouched Mr. Anderson, another song we did couple of months ago already. Guys recorded more than 10 demos during the time I was sitting at home with my dislocated thumb finger and I can now transform these lo-fi recordings into a Logic MIDI grids to prepare a playground for Dušan Neuwerth as he is probably going to be our producer for the upcoming album again.

Some pictures from the session are in the Radiotron album here.

Entering the optical/digital heaven.

So, the very first own experience with Canon EOS 7D shooting an ad for a retail store. The picture of very non-photogenic location as a retail store is looks well. The downsides are very clear after first day: clumsy and tricky focusing, “these-old-days-believe-me-I-am-DOP” style of work with no picture monitoring for director nor agency or client and some minor ergonomic disadvantages. The first has to be fixed by excercises, the second means that after every couple of takes you go to your iMac downloading the card and check the results, the last one is just a matter of groove. The advantages are more than clear: superb picture delivered by quality lenses, film-a-like focus depth and operational simplicity. Plus we are able to afford three 7Ds with full-range set of professional lenses.

It’s not “characterful” as 35 mm/16 mm film (mainly for its perfection) but it’s far away from usual digital FX1 world even with the film camera lenses adapter added.

Now, we will shoot the second day outdoors with white snow all around, so in the conditions which would test any digital picture technology. And then lets see the post.

How people in London’s ad agencies come with the best ideas for Dublin consumers?

Working on regional alcoholic product from Ostrava right now, I am trying to capture the spirit of the region distant more than 400 km hidden in lowlands between mountains with mentality so far away from capitol city metrosexualism and mid-class success stories, that it seems to be almost impossible to hit the right target without being there and sitting at least in a apartment in Brioni hotel.

I love the city and I like the region. I spent some of my unforgettable moments there. It’s special and, sorry, in a good way in contrast to Brno (no, you are not all the same there). For it’s mystery and darkness and for people’s straightforwardness and honesty. The real gogetters are sons of miners (like Tom Jones). But how I could for gods sake flip it into a working and believable message?

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